Scare Your Soul


Blog About a Breakup - Detox from my Phone - Go to Church


Nadine Nocero, Digital Marketing Senior Account Manager at SyncShow and blogger at

Challenge: I will blog about my breakup. Living my life as a blogger means I'm constantly putting myself out there for scrutiny. Since my breakup I've felt creatively paralyzed. Like I've been keeping a dirty secret and haven't felt inspired to say much at all because of it. I'm hoping coming clean to my readers will give me the freedom and bravery to get back to writing.

Challenge: I will spend an entire Saturday/Saturday night without my phone. My phone is my lifeline, security blanket and best friend. My friends 'joke' that when I'm out and my phone dies it means I'm either going to find a charger or will go home. I don't want to be that girl. I am always on it and rarely present - constantly trying to capture the moment, and thus, missing the freaking moment. What does this mean? No text, no snapchat, no FaceTime, no UBER rides. I'll have to figure it all out the old fashioned way.

Challenge: I will go to church and do it alone. Other than attending mass for a wedding, I haven't been to mass in years. I'm afraid of what the quiet reflective space will do to me. It's time to face my fear and see what happens. Night mass at Holy Rosary, here I come.

Disconnect - Ask for Forgiveness - Run 8 Miles

DJ Zosimo Maximo - CO-FOUNDER, GrooveRyde

Challenge:  DISCONNECT: If I'm not in front of my laptop, I'm staring at my phone and it's an ugly habit that SCARES ME to break.  As an entrepreneur with my own business, my wheels are constantly spinning and I'm also in constant communication with my team.  I need to trust that wall will not coming crashing down if I'm not on top of every single detail every second of the day.  On Nov 13, I commit to going 24 hours digital free and stepping aside.  I will be off the grid. 

Challenge:  ASK FOR FORGIVENESS: Ego and pride have always gotten in my way of reconciling a relationship gone south.  Although I understand the principles of taking responsibility for my part in the relationship (thank you Landmark Forum), it's easier said than done.  On November 14, I commit to stepping out of the comfort zone of allowing silence to be the solve and to reach out to someone who I owe an apology.   

Challenge:  Many sports and physical activities have come very natural to me and I tend to shy away from the ones that don't.  I've always looked at long distance running as a nemesis.  I recently came out of my comfort zone and registered for my first half-marathon next year at lululemon's SeaWheeze in Vancouver.  However, I've yet to take any steps towards crushing this goal.  Running more than a 5K actually SCARES THE SH%T out of me and I commit on Nov 15, that I will run 8 miles. 

Do a Handstand - Make Eye Contact - Don't Wear Ear Buds

Meg McNeal - Jivamukti and Power Vinyasa Yoga Teacher, New York City

Challenge: Do a handstand in the middle of the room and allow myself to FALL. I have a pretty solid handstand practice when I have a wall there "just in case." I get so close when I am in the middle of the room but am terrified of falling over. With some extra padding on the floor behind me, I will do this!

Challenge: Make intentional, compassionate, and unwavering eye contact and allow myself to be vulnerable to others and form authentic connection. As a New Yorker, I can easily get caught up in my day-to-day routines and keep my head down to trudge through my day (AND to indulge in whatever stories I am holding onto that prevent me from connecting with others and opening myself up to love).

Challenge: Ride the subway WITHOUT my earbuds in and music playing. I have issues with sounds (quite ironic considering that I live in NYC where white noise is a constant cacophony of sirens, voices, and traffic) and it is extremely challenging for me mentally to find peace and tranquility without the distraction of my tunes. It's so challenging that I am currently considering the option that walking over the Brooklyn Bridge in the middle of November to be easier than taking the subway without earbuds...and I COMMIT to taking the subway.

Sing in Public - Ask 36 Questions - Visit the Surgeon

Scott Simon - President, North Pointe Realty & Co-Founder of Thrive 

Challenge:  Speaking in public excites me ... singing in public - not so much.  In fact, I haven't played guitar and sang publicly since my brother Drew, my sister Lo, and I played the old Arabica Coffeehouse on Coventry.  Strangely enough, so many people came that night that the fire marshall almost had to close it down.  But singing in front of others is still a fear - and my sister had some vocal chord issues that stopped her singing for a few years.  So, it's time to face the fear.    Although Drew is in LA and won't be able to join the reunion, Lo and I commit to playing live together at an open mic night.    

Challenge:  I think watching Brene Brown's TED Talk on vulnerability is one of the greatest 15 minutes any one can spend on YouTube .  Mainly because being really open and vulnerable - especially with people I don't know well - is super tough.    So ... I commit to doing Arthur Aron's 36 Questions in person with a STRANGER or someone that I don't know well.  That includes the final step of the questions - looking into that person's eyes for 4 minutes straight.

Challenge:  Last year, I injured my shoulder when training with my boxing coach.  Instead of seeing a doc, I just stopped all forms of working out except for running and yoga.  The shoulder seemed to heal, but a few months ago it flared up again.  Now it's tough to put on a shirt without feeling pain.  I know that my fear of getting an opinion from a doctor is that I will hear that I need surgery and will have to stop exercise completely, which is totally irrational.  So, I commit to finally making an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon at Cleveland Clinic.  If I need surgery - so be it.  Let's get it on.  

Be a Nude Art Model - Buy a Stranger Coffee - See a Psychic

Ivana Gavran - Financial Advisor

Challenge:  Be a nude art model - An important requirement for doing that is being comfortable with your body, comfortable enough to pose without blushing, covering yourself up, or trying to only show off the most flattering parts of your body. I can’t say I am always comfortable in my skin… this will push my boundaries in the most extreme way.

Challenge:  Buy a stranger a coffee or lunch - I am always in a hurry and a lot of times I hope I don't get interrupted on my commute to work, which includes stopping for coffee. I want to take a few extra minutes one day and purposefully interrupt another persons probably very structured morning by buying them a coffee and hopefully putting an unplanned smile on their face.

Challenge:  I am scared of what the future holds, even-though I am not a believer in the paranormal, however if there is any truth in it and if the reading is negative... I don't want to know it. I have always avoided this type of stuff at any cost, but why not do it now, it could be fun.


Hold Hands in Public - Unplug - No Make Up

Sara Marie - Key Leader - lululemon athletica

Challenge: I'm going to hold hands in public! Even just writing that gives me anxiety! I've always had a fear of physical affection. The idea of being that vulnerable and sharing energy with another human terrifies me. I've recently started hugging and still find myself gripped with fear when I really hug someone. The kind where you use both arms, face to face, and squeeze, this still scares me. I'm scared that people are going to see me, feel my pain and somehow discover that deep down underneath my badass exterior, I'm weak. I've never been allowed to be weak and its my greatest fear that I will be viewed as not strong enough. So, holding hands, for me, is like saying I need you, don't let go, and I'm not strong enough. Doing this is cutting me to my core and I'm excited to see what happens when I let those walls come crashing down.

Challenge: Taking a day off, completely unplugged, and by myself! This really hits on my fear of being viewed as lazy or not working hard enough to create the life I love. I've gotten so caught up in the constant hustle of trying to be everything for everyone, that I've forgotten I first need to be there for myself. In 2014 I had less than a total of 20 days off, and even on those days I took my mom grocery shopping, I worked from home, I choreographed and came up with concepts for my next routine. I actually felt guilty sitting down and doing nothing. I refused to count my days off in 2015, because I was so disappointed that last year all I did was work. I'm afraid I've fallen in the same pattern this year and a lot has to do with the easy access of always being online. So, I'm going offline and taking a day off by myself, so that I'm not even tempted to be there for anyone else other than myself.

Challenge: I'm going to work make-up and accessory free! I'm not a huge make-up person in the sense that I don't wear a ton everyday, but I do wear it every single day. On days when I'm feeling like going au naturel, I basically skip eyeliner and then wear a hat, statement necklace, or glasses. I never just go as me, completely exposed. This really hits on my fear of being vulnerable. I've used fashion, make-up, hair styles, and accessories to armor myself from being seen. Sure, my fashion may get some attention, but this just keeps people distracted from seeing the real me. So I'm stripping it all down and committing to going to work simply as me!

Declutter - Weight Lift - Be Silent

Leah Wilson, nurse, athlete, member of the Thrive Creative Team  

Challenge: Declutter. I've been putting off cleaning out stuff from my mother's basement for years. I clearly don't need these items but they still have sentimental value. I've convinced myself to hang on to these items for years because one day- I'll have a house, I'll have a ____... the list goes on forever. I'm committing to once and for all, go through all my "stuff" and minimize my life.

Challenge: Go to an Olympic Weightlifting class.

Challenge: Be silent for an entire day. No phone, no emails, no voice. You cannot stay in your house the entire day but you don't have to go to work (because that's unrealistic). Ask any of my friends, family, coworkers and they will tell you I NEVER stop talking. As a true extrovert I thrive when I'm engaged and connected to people around me. Whether I'm bouncing ideas off someone or running errands with a friend, I don't think I've ever run out of things to say. Fun fact about Leah- I used to be an avid distance runner. One time after a race a stranger came up to me, that was running near me throughout the race, and asked what I was doing with my fingers as I was running... It took me a minute to figure out what he was talking about but even during long runs when I couldn't talk I would pretend to type with my fingers what I was thinking... Funny and also kind of terrifying. (PS- Matt is so stoked about me not talking for a whole day!)

Shoot a Scene With No Sleep

Beau Bridges - Actor, Los Angeles

Challenge: I have a fear of being sleep deprived, especially when I am working.  I need to memorize lines and be in good shape to do my job.

So I am facing this fear by flying to Utah at 2:00 a.m. for my next job, and going directly to work!  

I hope I can do as well as I need to or else I’ll have a very ornery agent to answer to … and you can tell him I said that!  


Pay Compliments - Learn Japanese - Drive a Car

Naomi Garner, Donor Travel Program Manager & Sustainability Officer at Elevate Destinations, Boston MA

Challenge: Reach out to people I admire and compliment them. I find that I often feel intimidated by the success of others. I immediately draw a comparison to myself in a way that freezes my own progress and improvement. It's like they've set the bar and I will forever just be catching up. I don't like the way this makes me feel about others nor myself. So my challenge is to approach those people, tell them that I admire their XYZ accomplishment, and maybe even ask them about their process and how I can learn from them. Imagine that!

Challenge:  Sign up for a Japanese language tutor and have a Skype lesson.  Raise your hand if you like to sound ridiculous! That's what I used to hear when my Japanese teachers asked us to respond to a question in class. I've been avoiding practicing my Japanese with anyone because I'm afraid of how rusty I will sound to others, but I think mostly because I'm afraid to see for myself how much I've forgotten. So for this one I am challenging myself to sign up for an online Japanese tutor and have my first Skype lesson. Worst case scenario I say something ridiculous that I don't mean. Like that one time I said that I like to eat spiders (I was trying to say that I like spiders because they eat mosquitos. Yikes!)

Challenge:  Drive a car in Boston.  I'm taking this opportunity to publicly ask my boyfriend: Can I borrow your car for my happiness challenge? :) If you say no, you're saying no to happiness. Just kidding! But really, my challenge is to drive a car in Boston. I have a license and know how to drive, but have been afraid to drive in Boston ever since I moved here. So if you see someone in a red Lancer driving slowly on Storrow Drive this weekend please don't honk!


Spark Conversation - Give Stranger A Ride -Donate Anonymously

Brittany Hoogenboom, Co-founder at C2B Inspired and Founder and Owner at Bloom with Boom Integrated Yoga Therapy

Challenge:  Spark a conversation with a elevator full of people. I always felt that the silence in an elevator is so unnecessary and humans should interact when ever possible, and I want to be the one to change that awkwardness even if it is just once.

Challenge:  Give a stranger a ride. I know what people think when I say that "OMG YOU WILL DIE" but what about the moms who have a kid standing in the snow waiting for bus, I bet she would appreciate a ride, this year I am doing it!

Challenge:  Give one random person an envelope with a $20 bill in it and right them a little note to treat themselves to something, lunch, a beer, a shirt, whatever they want.

Say No - Eat Alone With No Phone - Start a Blog

Emily Keen, Sydney Australia

Challenge: No! How are two letters so hard to say? It's a word that's had a negative stigma since the day I learned it was a word. At times I fear saying no to things in worry of disappointing someone or appearing a certain way. On Friday the 13th I vow to begin "30 days of NO" and for one month straight give myself permission to just say no when I'd rather pass on a night out, or XYZ things that could possibly come up.

Challenge:: Table for One, no phones allowed! It's a scary thought. Something about sitting alone at a restaurant makes me feel so exposed. Taken to the next level by eliminating the cell phone and I'm like, "where do I look? What am I supposed to do with my hands?!" Full. Blown. Anxiety-mode. I vow to let shift happen by getting really uncomfortable. Bon appetit!

Challenge:: I'm afraid of sucking. I am a writer. I believe I have the ability to construct meaningful sentences, paragraphs- BOOKS even! I want my words to shift perspectives, and change lives. "But what if I'm wrong, I suck and I fail?" My blog will go live on this day. I gave myself until December. But why freaking wait until December? It's now or never, and one thing is for sure- I certainly won't be shifting any perspectives by NOT writing.

Challenge an Addiction - Post Positive Messages - Start New Business

Miguelangel Mesinas

Challenge:  A day without coffee.  I am addicted to Coffee and I don't know how I am going to pull this one. I will buy 15 cups of coffee for 15 lucky customers.

Challenge:  Put sticky notes with positive messages in public places.

Challenge:  Get serious about upholstery and order business cards, open a pinterest, etsy account and START my passion for create beautiful furniture.

Make Eye Contact - Share a Truth - Create Work of Art

Marissa Block Mastors - Development Coordinator at EcoDistricts, and Board Member of City Repair, Portland OR

Challenge:  Make steady eye-contact and dance with a partner during weekly ecstatic dance.


Challenge:  Share truth about struggles and write email to parents/family/friends about how much I appreciate them.


Challenge:  Buy painting supplies, create a work of art, and share it with my husband and friends.